The DebatMobiel

The DebatMobiel (Mobile Debate) is a mobile space to talk about our streets. A traveling eye-opener of what a street can become.

It also refers to The Batmobile, the heavily armored, weaponized vehicle that is used by Batman in his campaign to fight crime.

Our Story

Living in The Hague (in a neighbourhood established around 1900) We challenged ourselves to change the city from bottom up. Residents are longing for more green, but how to achieve that if the cars are taking up space in our streets? Individual choices have lead to a public space that isn’t shared but occupied by individual possession. Thus the idea of the DebatMobiel; A cart where we can meet our neighbours and where we can experience the need to linger on the street. We’ve placed 2 carts in the Fultonstraat and Buijs Ballotstraat in spring 2016. With funding from Fonds1818.

The mobile carts are crystallising points for the new that wants to happen in our cities. They enhance community sense. Neighbours enjoy each others company and the small green on a parking spot. Because of the enthusiasm we are collaborating with the municipality to experiment on more parking spaces in the neighbourhood. In combination with car sharing initiatives we experiment with the open space and together we reshape the city.


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